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What is GoSwap and Why?

Ethereum fees are sky rocketing and transactions are taking forever. We think it's unacceptable to pay dollars in fees for every transaction you make. You'll lose all your gains to fees!

GoSwap solves these problems! Transactions settle in seconds and cost less than a penny. And you can still trade all your favorite Ethereum tokens such as WBTC and ETH as well as GoChain native tokens.

Earn rewards for providing liquidity!

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Getting Started

It's really easy to get started and you can use the same tools you already use.

If there's something missing here, please let us know!

Earn Money by Providing Liquidity

Put your idle assets to work!

  • Liquidity providers earn 0.25% of all trades in a pair/pool.

  • 100% of fees to go to liquidity providers, GoSwap keeps nothing.

  • You can also earn an extra 0.05% of ALL trading across the entire platform by providing liquidity in the GO/FAST pool.

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FAST Tokens

FAST tokens are the official token of GoSwap and the Fast.Finance ecosystem. FAST can be purchased on GoSwap. FAST stats.


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Where can I find the Stats?


Why is this so fast and cheap?

Because it runs on GoChain.

What are the fees?


Where can I find all the contract addresses?

The addresses can all be found on the state page: https://stats.goswap.exchange/