Configure Trust Wallet

GoChain is supported natively in Trust Wallet so it's really easy to get going.

Note: Not available for iOS, Apple doesn't allow DApps! More info

1) Add GoChain to Trust Wallet

GoChain is natively supported in Trust Wallet so you just have to add it to your token list:

Click this button at the top right of the home screen:

Toggle GoChain on:

That's it, now you can fully us GoChain!

2) Open dApp Browser

Click the four squares icon at the bottom to open the Trust Wallet DApp browser.

Then navigate to

3) Choose GoChain Network

Click the Ethereum Icon at the top right, then select GoChain.

4) Your wallet is now connected to GoSwap

Trust Wallet will automatically show your GoChain token balances, so no extra steps are required.