Configure MetaMask

If you already configured MetaMask, but don't see your GoChain based tokens, go here.

Adding GoChain to MetaMask is very easy, you just need to add a custom RPC. Here's how:

1) Add custom RPC provider to MetaMask

Click on 'Main Ethereum Network' dropdown and select Custom RPC:

2) Fill in the following info for the custom RPC

3) Allow GoSwap to access your MetaMask Wallet

No need to create a new account, you can use your Ethereum addresses:

4) Get some GO if you don't have any

You'll need GO to provide gas for your transactions, just like you need ETH on Ethereum.

If you use Chainswap to transfer a token from Ethereum to GoChain, you'll be given a small amount of GO to get your started, but you'll probably want some more.

Get GO

You're good to GO!

You might want to add the GoChain tokens to your MetaMask, they won't show up automatically.