Viewing Token Balances

You can view token balances in various ways:

  • GoSwap interface

  • GoChain Explorer - click 'TOKENS HELD' tab on your address page

  • Trust Wallet will find them and display them automatically

  • MetaMask requires you add the tokens (see below)

You can find ALL of the token addresses on the stats site:

View in GoSwap interface

You can also see on the GoSwap UI, above the token selection dropdown.

GoChain token addresses

Find your token on and it will show you the token address.

Viewing Token Balances in MetaMask

1) Open MetaMask, click 'Add Token'

Ensure you're on the GoChain network at the top dropdown.

2) Click 'Custom Token'

Searching for tokens will not work, you must add manually.

3) Add Token Address for the Asset

Addresses to add are at the top of the page.


NOTE: For ETH, we suggest changing to 'GO:ETH' or 'ETH (GO-20). This way you know anytime MetaMask says 'ETH', it's actually GO (when connected to GoChain Network). Doing this is suggested to avoid confusion in certain situations. You don't need to do this for any other tokens.

4) Click 'Add Tokens'

If you have a balance for that token you will see it. On the balance screen click top left arrow to go back to MetaMask account overview.

5) Your token balance is now visible in MetaMask

5) Repeat from Step 1 for others tokens you need to add

You'll need to repeat the process for each token you plan on using in GoSwap to be able to see balance in MetaMask.