Liquidity Providers

What is a Liquidity Provider?

A liquidity provider, or market maker, is someone who deposits tokens into a token pair pool which other pool can trade against.

You can add and remove liquidity at any time.


  • Liquidity providers earn 0.25% of all trades (GoSwap gets 0%)

  • The fees are split between all liquidity providers in a a particular pool based on the percentage of the pool they own

    • For example, if you provide 10% of a pool (you can see your share in the GoSwap interface), you will get 10% of the fees

  • If you provide liquidity in the GO/FAST pool, you will earn an additional 0.05% of ALL trades across the entire platform.

How do I Add Liquidity?

First off, adding liquidity requires you to own BOTH of the tokens in the pool you want to add to in equal values. Value meaning the current market value. For instance, if you want to add to the GO/USDC pool, $100 in value on each side, you would need 100 USDC and $100 worth of GO. You then add both of of those to the pool.

Here's how:

  • On, click Pool

  • Click Add Liquidity

  • Choose two tokens (a pool is a pair of tokens)

  • Click Supply

  • Confirm your transaction and you're done.

Once added, you'll start earning fees immediately!

How do I Remove Liquidity

If you've added liquidity, you can remove it at any time to get your tokens back.

  • On, click Pool

  • You'll see the liquidity you've already provided, open one of them

  • Click Remove

  • Confirm transaction you're done.

You'll get your original tokens back, but it will be a different ratio than what you first deposited depending on the current ratio of the pool and fees earned.